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23 October 2009 @ 07:16 pm
[VRF × MJP] PENICILLIN presenting themselves in their own way UP!!  
 [VRF × MJP] PENICILLIN presenting themselves in their own way!

V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09 is only one day away!
We have published the handwritten answers of the artists every Tuesday, but this time we will present a very special version! 

Finally, it became PENICILLIN's time to express their enthusiasm for V-ROCK FESTIVAL'09!
The band is known as one of the greatest Visual-kei bands ever. 
You can expect that they will have a bigger impact on the audience than any other bands on the stage!

By the way, HAKUEI will appear in the fashion show as a model too!
If you are interested in what clothes he will wear on the stage, check the list of the brands featured in the show among the news. 

See Chisato's cute drawing and how enthusiastic O-JIRO is!